Manage features in Rails application with feature_flags

Manage features in Rails application with feature_flags You must have faced situation while developing to turn off/on some features in your rails application.

So here is ruby gem feature_flags that provides this functionality.Using this we can maintain different features in rails application. So to add gem in your Rails application, Add this line to your application’s Gemfile:

gem 'feature_flags'

then run command

rails generate feature_flags:install

this will generate 3 files, 1) initializer file in config/initializer/feature_flags.rb 2) migration file for Feature model 3) Feature.rb also it add routes in your rails application

resources :features

then do

rake db:migrate

In feature_flags.rb initializer file you can mention which layout to use for view

FeatureFlags.configure do |config|
  config.layout = "application" 
FeatureFlags.enabled?(:feature_name) To check whether feature is enabled or not 

FeatureFlags.enable_all                   To enable all features in your app.

FeatureFlags.disable_all                  To disable all features in your app.

FeatureFlags.set_disabled(:feature_name)  To disable feature in your app.

FeatureFlags.create_and_enable(:feature_name)  To create and enable feature

FeatureFlags.enable(feature_name)         To enable feature

If you want to generate views then use,

rails generate feature_flags:views

It will also solve branching problem in rails application, as we merge branches having different features and then solving conflicts in feature_flags makes it easy, you just turn on/off that feature in app. for example,

if FeatureFlags.enabled?(:feature_name1)
   # your code for feature_name1

Here are some screenshots, main index view( /feature_flags )


Adding new feature page,


Written on August 29, 2013